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2015 Reviews

“The level of service at Absolute Bordeaux Show Dogues is fantastic. Paula was with us from the beginning staying up all night to make sure our puppy arrived and was settled in. From day one we received pictures and regular phone calls until the day of arrival of our baby. We still get phone calls checking on our puppy Ross! He is a very happy puppy. Thank you!”

K. Province, TX

“Two years later we still get calls from the breeder to see how everything is going, our whole family thanks Paula for the joy our puppy (dog) has brought to us! Thank you, thank for our beautiful Titan”

R. Nunuz NY, NY

"After a heart break with our first very sick dog from another breeder in Colorado we finally found Absolute Bordeaux. We went through many sick days and 15K to try save our first dog. But now we have the most lovely healthy, happy dog from Paula. She's a real joy, we will never buy from anyone else except you again!"

Allen Aurora, CO

"I have bought 4 dogs from Absolute Bordeaux over a course of 5 years. Recently I bought two females, one 1st pick and one 4th pick. My 4th pick is as nice as any other kennels 1st pick! Thank you Absolute for breeding such high quality and giving us excellent attention, we love you!"

M Glass PA

"Our Second puppy from Absolute in 6 years we love him. Always caring and loving people, truly love the breed! Exceptional bloodlines and healthy happy dogs! Thank you for being with us for life."

H. Sherman Leadville, CO

2016 Reviews

"We bought two companion dogs from Absolute in 2016 and both have exceeded our expectation. The level of service was and is a life commitment. We drove 20 hours to pick our puppies and the farm is wonderful. All the dogs are friendly, healthy, and happy. This is no regular dog breeder, these people care for their animals horses and all. We got exactly what was presented in pictures and was pleasantly surprised to end up taking two including the one we originally wanted. Sweet puppies well loved. Clean kennels and nice people. Thank you for the great experience and knowledge about the breed."

L. Morris Ventura, CA

"After months of research and looking there is nothing better out there once I got my boy from Absolute! He is perfect and the kindness, honesty and dedication this breeder puts in says it all. We where walked though the process with answers to all our questions and then some. Our puppy exceeded our expectations. He is a huge big boned boy and we love him. Thank you my friends in Colorado!"

Anthony Bethesda MD

"I was very happy with Absolute Bordeaux even though I didn't buy a puppy from them (didn't have any at the time) they helped to get me an amazing dog from their partners at Stout Bordeaux. Thank you for all your effort and time to guide us to our best dog we have ever owned. Keep up the good work you are amazing."

Anthony NY

2017 Reviews

"Our Boy Leo is massive, he is almost 8 months old and already weighs 130 lbs. He is so sweet and very gentle. Our third dog from you and we love them all!" "Great relationship breeder, keeps in touch and loves her dogs, thank you Allan and Paula!"

J Moen, Fountain, CO

"Paula, brought us our Boy to Raleigh so awesome" We love our new puppy and he is happy healthy and beautiful!! He is everything the Dogue De Bordeaux should look like. Thank you Paula and Allan
Tyrone Raleigh, NC

"I love my puppy, he is exactly what I was shown and told. He is the light of our world. Paula has been with us every step of the way. We have had a couple PUPPY scares, as puppies do and calling Paula when ever we need too has eased our minds." You will never be disappointed with Absolute Bordeaux! 

Russ, San Diego, CA

"My girl has adjusted very well into our family." We have little children that will have such great times with their Sadie. "She is a total sweetheart!"

Stacey, Ontario, CA

"He is so Beautiful!" "Thank you so Much!" Our boy has Brought us so much happiness. After calling your reference here in my own city I was sold, thank you!

David, Boston, MA

I'm on my third Bordeaux of my life and we are so in love with our new family member. Absolute Bordeaux won out on all the kennels in the US for being upstanding and honest. We got our boy and he was exactly as described, perfect! You'll get pictures, video and more pictures and anything you want...we asked for allot but Paula delivered. Thank you so much! Honest, good breedings and breeder!

Mike, Cincinnati, OH 

Best breeder, we are on our 2nd dog with Absolute Bordeaux and as always we got the puppy we picked out, he is amazing and social. We get one on one always with this breeder! We have been to their house year after year and it is so nice, all the dogs run free, together and no one is unloved. Very nice set up, beautiful dogs and happy dogs! Thanks Paula and Al

Matt, Albuquerque, NM 6/2017

Thank you so much for our two girls. We bought one girl and wanted another from Paula. She was honest and easy to work with from start til now. She always answers my calls and is genuinely interested in how our babies are doing. Can not say enough. Thanks again Paula

Shelisa , Redwood Forest Calif 11/17

2018 Reviews

Paula we love our boy, it's been 6 months now since we got our puppies, your puppy was much better quality than our other puppy from a different breeder. You took care of us and never made us feel unheard. With a lot of money changing hands you always made us feel like we were in good hands. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Lynn San ANtonio, TX 1/2018

Thank you for sending us this wonderful girl. She is the best dog we've ever had. Thank you for helping us in the natural food advise we still give carrots and apples instead of junk store bought rawhides. We have a happy healthy puppy. You are a great breeder and anyone should come to you for their Bordeaux.

Mike Orlando FL 1/2018

We are so happy our boy is almost 6 months and he is a joy, best breed and best personality. He is athletic, healthy and gets along with our Bull Mastiff. Thank you for kindness, your love of the breed shines. Would recommend you to everyone who is wanting a Excellent breeder.

Matt Black Hawk, Colorado 4/2018

Our boy Lincoln is a beast of a dog almost 2 years old and healthy as a horse. He is a lover boy and plays so gently with my kids and other dogs. Everyday we want another one but have to wait, you are our Breeder for life! Thank you for what you do for the breed we always get compliments on Lincoln. Anyone wanting a Bordeaux should get it from you easy and honest dealing.

Jeremy and Laci, Denver Colorado 4/2018