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Our Home Bred Dogues

These are the Dogues we at Absolute have Bred!

Urika over Usher

Absolute Usher de Stout

Absolute Urika de Stout

Owned by Absolute Bordeaux/Paula Schmidt

Absolute's Usher de Stout

Owned by Absolute Bordeaux/Roseras Bordeaux

Absolute's Udonis Jr de Stout

Owned by John Hall Stout Bordeaux

Absolute's The Beast

Absolute's The Beast

Absolute's The Beast

Absolute's The Beast having fun!

Absolute's The Beast at 9 weeks

Absolute's Usher de Stout

Absolute's The Beast

Sire is Imperial Grande Bocephus he is owned by Absolute Bordeaux

Male Sold to family in NY

Female sold to a family in Florida

Sold to a family in Philadelphia

Male sold to family in Colorado

Sold to a PHC Professional Handler in Kansas

Absolute's Whiskey Girl

Our Co-owned Female with Taylor Reid

Absolute's What do you know

Lives in Washington state

Absolute's Winchester

Lives in texas

Absolute's Woody

Lives in San Jose CA

Absolute's Wooby

Lives in Nebraska