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Important things to know


Breeding is not easy. It takes a huge dedication, time, money and patients. A good breeder will always sacrifice for their dogs. Mass production of more than 4 litters a year is bad for breeds, this floods the markets and brings in back yard breeders that don't understand the breed or have knowledge of the breed. Most people will breed to keep future bloodlines or co-own puppies to keep specific lines going. Make sure you are talking to your breeder every week about your puppy. A good breeder will provide ongoing pictures weekly of your puppy. 

What is it about SHOW DOGS that is so Great??

Here's the skinny on showing. The only thing that showing a dog proves is it is kind of what the breed should look like NOT HEALTH.... however, not all judges are verse on the Dogue De Bordeaux because they are a rare breed. Sometimes they will look at them like they are Bullmastiffs or Cane Corso and judge them accordingly. Some judges think our breed should have a straight top line. So saying my dogs are Champions or Grand Champions it only means I showed up, trained my dog to stand in a ring and the judges that saw them thought they kind of look better then the dogs they were competing against.

Regarding showing, some breeders only compete against with their own dogs and by letting one dog act out of line in the ring can earn enough points to a champion for the second dog, this is a trick breeders use to get their dogs championship after championship. Ask breeders the 57 dollar question does your dogs compete against other peoples dogs and how often? Most will lie but you can check up on them by looking at show results www.onofrio.com and see who they competed against.

Some breeders repeatedly show up at every dog show and this can earn them recognition with the judges regardless of the quality of dogs they bring. Going to a couple shows and getting Championships in a clean sweep is probably the most impressive because you are probably showing up with a good dog. Here at Absolute we have many clean sweeps.

One last thing about showing or even AKC registering. There is a false sense of security regarding Health with having a Registered dog or a Champion dog. A champion does not guarantee HEALTH! An 18 month Health Guarantee will be a good start. You must look at the whole picture of the dog you are committing too. Look at the parents, Grandparents, Great grandparents and make sure you understand their background. Some people will also offer OFA or hip scores, this does not prevent them from swapping dogs with good hips with one that doesn't, or if you look close you may see the breeder is a Vet or Vet tech with great persuasive roles. Be care not to fall for false comforts. AKC registered only means something if both parents have been DNA'd. This at least tells you that the parents are who they claim if you check and DNA your puppy.

Well you might think why do you show your dogs then?

We say "the reason why we show is not to earn championships but to make sure judges know what the breed is suppose to look like, bad breeders will over time bring dogs to the shows that could change the Standard." We like to be part of the gatekeeping, but do have other kennels we also respect but not many. A lot of Kennels are kennel blind to the look of the Bordeaux that satisfies their taste instead of the correctness to the breed by standard. Here at Absolute we like our dogs to have nice heavy builds that carry themselves lightly and flowingly. We like the heavy wrinkles because we found many of the modern day Bordeauxs are loosing their wrinkles entirely. Our lines will fix that in the future one day. We have one of the most authentic looks of the Bordeaux in the US. 

So be smart and be careful there are a lot of crooked breeders and they have been playing people for years. Make sure you research them and their dogs before you commit.