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About Us

Our kennel is located in Black Forest, Colorado high on the Palmer Divide 12 miles outside of Colorado Springs which is considered one of the best places to live with animals. We do not have large bugs, Ticks, Fleas, or Snakes our elevation 7,000ft is too high, therefore we don't harbor any diseases that follow with these pests giving our puppies a jump start on a healthy life. We only specialize in AKC registered "Douge De Bordeaux" also referred to as: The French Mastiff. Our entire family is committed to meeting the needs of our dogues. Our goal is to better the breed, produce puppies for our own needs in the show ring. We only have a few litters a year and what we do not keep we sell to pet homes and to a handful of breeders.

It is important that you know our dogues are part of our family and do not live in a kennel, we have a kennel for when our females are in heat or when the puppies are too small to run play with the big dogs but our dogues live in our home. They have their own bedroom and all cohabit very well together. they have acres to play on during the day and a cozy couch to lounge on during the nights. We expect our new families to provide the same when you get your puppy. This is a family orientated breed that does not do well ignored, please respect our breed! 

Black Forest, Colorado in the TREES! Call us at 719-314-6113

We do not give our physical address to protect our dogs, if you are invited you will then receive our address. Thank you for understanding


Showings by appointment only, please,Thanks!

Sat & Sun: 10AM - 5